Going abroad to teach English is likely to be a very daunting experience. You will be going to a different country and meeting lots of new people. There will also be a great deal of apprehension in regard to what you can expect in your new job, and what kind of experiences you are likely to encounter. While every job is likely to be different, there are still some experiences that are likely to apply to all of them. Here’s a brief look at what you can expect from your time as an English teacher abroad.

Immersion in a Different Culture

Depending on where you go, you are likely to find yourself in a culture that is very different from what you are used to. Head to somewhere like Thailand, and you could find yourself in a world that is quite different from the one back home. While this can be daunting to begin with, it also means that you have a world of opportunities to learn new things. Picking up things from different cultures can help you to become a more rounded person, gaining experiences that can help enhance you both personally and professionally. Embrace the fact that you are in an amazing new world to be discovered, and you can come away from the experience having learned so many valuable things.

Fantastic New Cuisines

If you are a foodie, then you should have plenty to keep you busy when moving to a new country. Different countries tend to eat foods that are quite different from others, and some can be very different indeed. Some might be a little too spicy or adventurous for your palate, but you should still be able to find exciting new dishes that are just right for you. In addition to experiencing these incredible new flavours, you can also learn to make them yourself so you can treat friends and family back home. If you are not so adventurous, you should hopefully be able to find plenty of food that is more like what you would have back home, depending on your location.

New Friends and Acquaintances

People that go to another country to teach English will often do so alone. This means leaving behind friends and family, a prospect that is terrifying to many people. The good news, though, is that you are very likely to meet new people in your new location. To begin with, you are likely to meet new people at your place of work. These will likely be people from all over the world, giving you an opportunity to broaden your horizons even further. You are also likely to meet people in other ways, including when socialising. With any luck, some of these new friends and acquaintances will remain with you for the rest of your life, even if you do only get to speak with each other from afar.

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