English is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. Many non-English-speaking countries are always on the lookout for qualified English teachers. Teaching English abroad can be the best way of exploring a new country and culture. Teaching English to students who have never spoken it before can be an eye-opening experience as well.

Globalization is on high gear right now and Opportunities to teach English abroad are common. Although many will be competitive, you will be spoilt for choice if you are well qualified. Different countries have different educations systems. You might not know which country is best to teach in. Below are three countries you might want to consider if you want to teach English Abroad.

  1. South Korea

South Korea is a well-developed country with a thriving economy. The quality of life is incredible, especially if you are a teacher. Pop Culture has raptured in South Korean cities just like in the rest of the world. Opportunities to teach English in South Korea are plenty. Government and private education institutions recruit thousands of foreign English teachers each year.

South Korea offers one of the most attractive remuneration packages for English teachers. The free accommodation and airfare are also difficult to pass up. Most of South Korea teaching opportunities are available in their magnificent cities. The impressive compensation, great atmosphere and an accommodating culture make South Korea one of the best countries to teach English in.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is yet another incredible country to go and teach English. The incredible landscapes and very friendly locals will make you never want to leave. Thailand’s tourism industry has been thriving in recent decades. The demand to learn and speak English has also been on the rise, and English teaching opportunities are plenty.

To qualify to teach English in Thailand, you often need to be a native speaker, have a four-year University degree, and a TEFL OR TESOL certification. A couple of institutions will also require that you have prior experience. You can still get an opportunity even if you don’t have any experience.

  1. Spain

Spain is one of the most exciting countries to teach in, not just for English teachers, but for every other teacher as well. Although more people would know English in Spain than in Asia countries, it still has many opportunities for English teachers.

Most teaching placements only require a bachelor’s degree. Spain is a nice country for trainee English teachers to get started. The classroom hours they rack up and experience in TEFL will be quite helpful. Many students go there for international internships.

Spain has incredible weather as compared to the rest of Europe. The warm sun and the exciting culture will make your teaching experience a lot more fun.

If you have a passion for teaching English, one of the three countries above would be a great place for you to go and teach. The structures in each of these countries are quite different. What motivates you as an English teacher should help you decide where to go. Each country will offer an exciting and unique experience.

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